The Leeds Music History Society

Cloth Cat is a not for profit organisation based in inner city Leeds that aims to improve the quality of peoples lives through access to music training and involvement in the music scene.

Plastic Paddy is the first self-published novel of Leeds author Andrew Macbeth. Macbeth scratches the dark underbelly of LS6 and tells a tale that will ring true for all those who have lived and loved in the home of great Leeds bands past and present.

Wrath Records is a Leeds based label bent on purveying quality leftfield alternative popular music, and is home to the likes of The Eureka Machines, Scaramanga Six and Amoeba to Zebra.

The Strange Brew is a podcast site run by Jason Barnard and has some excellent podcasts of music from Leeds going back to the 60s – bands such as The Dawnbreakers, Amazing Friendly Apple and Jeff Christie.